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How to buy ?

Buying from MG Vision is easy. In collaboration with partners in 179 countries, MG Vision delivers leading solutions to customers all over the world. Our indirect sales model means we work with specialist competencies at every stage, from distribution to installation, giving our end customers the very best of the best.

Use our partner locator below to find the right MG Vision partner for you:

  • Find an MG Vision reseller/system integrator/installer if you are an end customer
  • Find an MG Vision distributor if you are a reseller/system integrator/installer

Where to buy

Collaborating closely with the industry’s largest professional network, we create unlimited opportunities to grow business for our partners.


More than a loyalty program, we offer you:

  • Global vision, reach & expertise
  • Innovation leadership
  • World-class training
  • Comprehensive system design support
  • An expanded professional community
  • 30+ years unwavering commitment to partnership

MG Vision Communications’ recommendations regarding online purchases

To ensure MG Vision Communications’ customers receive the best product, solutions and support, we highly recommend that MG Vision Communications’ products be purchased exclusively through resellers who are enrolled in the MG Vision Communications’ Channel Partner Program (CPP) or are MG Vision Companion Specialists*.

CPP members and MG Vision Companion Specialists* have been vetted by MG Vision  to ensure they can provide a high level of pre- and post-sales support in addition to integration and installation capabilities. Additionally, CPP members and MG Vision Companion Specialists* have access to tools, Training and Certification, Technical Support, Sales Support, RMA services, etc. These benefits provide a robust base for offering customers the best possible solution, experience, and support for MG Vision products.

A quantity of MG Vision  products sold online through websites and marketplaces are offered by resellers that are not CPP members or MG Vision Companion Specialists*. MG Vision cannot ensure that products purchased through these companies are new or manufactured by MG Vision . Consequently, these products may be altered, used, defective, counterfeit, non-current, or may not be designed for use in your country.