Welcome to MG Vision CCTV Security

The security market has rapidly expanded since we entered the digital age, and is forecasted to continue to grow. The growth has brought technological breakthroughs and new possibilities.

Some of the most significant innovations are network cameras, intelligent applications, thermal network cameras,  Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). There have also been huge advances in image quality, such as the implementation of HDTV.


Driving innovation

MG Vision has always been at the forefront of these developments. We’ve been driving innovation ever since we started the shift from analog surveillance to network video back in 1996. And today, we’re still leading the market.

Our ambition is to remain in front. That’s why we’re already working on the next industry innovations.


New opportunities

Network cameras create new opportunities to work with new applications. MG Vision has pioneered this market, showing how IP solutions stretch far beyond security applications. Retailers, for example, are utilizing the technology to manage their inventory and optimize store layout, while cities are using it to manage the flow of traffic, reduce vandalism – and much more.

We’re also pushing the limits of image quality, by exploring how it can be optimized for the surveillance task at hand – no matter how bad the light or ambient conditions. And, another step in our long-term growth strategy is our recent expansion into the physical access control market.