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How to report a security issue affecting an MG Vision product
How to report a security issue affecting an MG Vision product
by MG Vision |

As hackers become more sophisticated and technology develops, there is the potential for any connected device to become exposed to hacks. MG Vision explains what customers and partners should do if they spot a weakness in an MG Vision Product.

Cybersecurity cannot be the sole responsibility of one individual – everyone within the ecosystem must work together to combat vulnerabilities. This includes the MG Vision network. Device security is a high priority for MG Vision, which is why there are teams dedicated to identifying risks and patching up any potential flaw.

However, MG Vision cannot guarantee that products and services are free from flaws that may be exploited for malicious attacks. Should  a potential threat be spotted, users are asked to please report it straight away via email to product-security@mgvision.ae, so MG Vision can start immediate work on finding a solution and rolling it out across the network.

Timely identification of threats is critical to eliminating potential vulnerabilities all users could become exposed to. MG Vision also welcomes anyone who identifies a threat to use its public PGP key to encrypt sensitive content.